Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SEO Tips #1 : Blog Commenting

One of the SEO tips to rank higher in Google is by doing blog commenting. Blog commenting alone is very powerful. Find the blog and comment it properly. Don put your website link on the comment because it will make your comment looks like a spam comment. Read through the article and comment it properly.

Find the good blog with do-follow tag

This is what im stumble upon while searching the do follow blog on Google:

That is the list of do follow blog. I haven't check them because I havent enough time to check it since I have another SEO competition at the moment.

For this time, the keyword it Melayu Boleh.

This is the thread of the forum who discuss about it

This time, my blog is on the 58th rank in google. Im not doing anything just blog commenting at the moment. I also put some link on my other blog, so that it will look more natural in that way.

We will see, how that blog perform until the end of the competition

As you can see

Friday, April 17, 2009

Current Ranking

My current ranking is now is : #3 : #1

as you can see, my backlink is now about 488 from high PR website. the link is just from my blog and website..

you can check the total link here:

by the next update, I'll share you how do I manage to get in the first page of Google

Friday, January 16, 2009

Belajar SEO Progress


Right now, I cannot update this blog and doing the backlink building for this Belajar SEO blog because I am participating in one SEO contest that organized by myself with other SEO expert from my country. So, I hardly doing anything on this blog after last update because im concentrating on my another SEO contest.

Actually, I dont want the prize.. I just want to know my SEO skill level, so I know where I am at. Right now, this blog is on the 5th place competing with another aged blog/domain. It is a good progress as not doing anything but still manage to get on the 5th rank on the first page. Maybe after doing some social bookmarking last time, the bot/crawler discover the link after that.

So in my conclusion, social bookmarking is the powerful tool/method to get rank higher in search Engine.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting the first Page on google – Belajar SEO

After getting indexed by Google 6 days ago, I'm doing some backlink building and finally my belajar SEO blog appears to be on the first page on Google. When I checked by backlink, there are 48 backlinks pointing to my Belajar SEO site. So, it isn’t that hard to be on the first page of Google.

So far, What I’m doing is just social bookmarking. So, right now it is n the 8th place with the keyword “Belajar SEO”. I hope that, this blog can be on the first place after one month ( if there is no problem with my time management)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Belajar SEO : Indexed

Belajar SEO Indexed

Belajar SEO : Indexed

After 4 Hours and 16 minutes, The belajar SEO got indexed by Google. That is a bit out of my range because usually by using wordpress as my platform, my new site getting indexed in 1 hour. BTW, 4 Hours and 16 minutes isnt that bad right? people are stuggling with the indexed thing.. Some people takes like 1 week for their site getting indexed..

So, my job now is link building.

Lets Belajar SEO

Belajar SEO : welcome Note

Belajar SEO
Belajar SEO : welcome Note

Welcome to this Blog..

This blog will discuss about the keyword "belajar SEO" in SERPs.. How it performs in ...

right Now 11.06am EDT..

This Blog havent indexed yet...
we will see how many minutes this blog getting indexed..